dxnurunleri.com Site Privacy and Security Principles.

These privacy and security principles are prepared by dxnurunleri.com for determination of their responsibilities. The following clauses include the rules for the collection and distribution of information on the dxnurunleri.com website. Protecting your personal information is our first priority as dxnurunleri.com.

dxnurunleri.com identifies the IP address of users when necessary and uses it to collect comprehensive demographic information.

As a member of dxnurunleri.com, your privacy rights include:

1 – Your personal information is protected at dxnurunleri.com. Your personal information is never shared with other people and organizations. However, it can be used by dxnurunleri.com to promote different products and services.

2 – You can apply for cancellation of membership at any time. With the cancellation of membership, all your information registered to the system will be deleted.

3 – Your e-mail address must be correct for us to reach you, inform you about the opportunities and confirm your membership.

4 – All information you enter into the system can be accessed only by you and only you can change them. It is not possible for another member to access or change information about you unless you give permission.

5 – Our credit card payment system Garanti Bankası A.Ş. It works with the approval of sms in 3D. The credit card information you enter during the payment process is between you and your bank. At dxnurunleri.com, your credit card information will not be stored and saved.

6 – Our site services are provided with 128 Bit SSL Secure, which is the international encryption standard which is practically impossible to be broken. Note that https: // at the beginning of the page address is https: //. This sign indicates that you are in a safe area. Your transactions are protected by encrypting your credit card and related information. This information is used only depending on the sales process. It is not made available to third parties, it can only be accessed by your bank.

Correction / Renewal The above Privacy Policy guarantees your individual rights. For any questions and suggestions regarding our privacy policy, you can send us an e-mail from the contact section of our website.

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